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U10 Umbenhaur Game Summary

ORSA Umberhaur vs Mercer - 06/08/14

posted Jun 16, 2014, 10:46 AM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

ORSA U10-Umbenhaur Defeats Mercer

The ORSA U10-Umbenhaur team beat the visiting Mercer U10 team 7-1 on Sunday by showing superb soccer skill and teamwork.  The team continued to work together, and all of the players contributed in the victory. 

Gage Haniwalt started the scoring quickly for ORSA, as he masterfully took the ball down field past several defenders, and he placed his shot into the goal.  Haniwalt scored again when Owen Smith made a nice pass to him on the wing.  Next, Brady Umbenhaur blasted one into the back to the net for ORSA, after receiving a Haniwalt crossed ball.  However, Mercer stormed back into the match, as they worked the ball down the field and scored.  That made the score 3-1 ORSA. ORSA would quickly answer right back, as Ethan Umbenhaur skillfully passed the ball past several defenders to Brady Umbenhaur who again put the ball into the net.  The final goal of the half came when Ethan Umbenhaur stole the ball from a Mercer defender, and with a placed the ball into the net with a booming kick.  The score at the half was 5-1 ORSA. 

ORSA continued with their offensive dominance, as Ben Yard made some nifty moves to shake free after receiving a Drew Wilkinson pass, and kicked it past the keeper’s hands.  Finishing off the scoring for the match was Hailey Yard, as she received a Josh Hacherl pass, and zoomed down the field to score.  The final score was 7-1 ORSA. 

The ORSA defense was stout once again, turning the Mercer Offense away continuously.  Hacherl, Wilkinson, Hailey Yard, and Ben Yard were able to work together to shut down Mercer.  The ORSA keepers played well, making several key saves throughout the game.   Kaden Henderson, Hailey Yard, and Owen Smith were able to turn away all but one shot, and lead the ORSA players to victory.  ORSA U10-Umbenhaur finished the regular season with a record of 5-2-1, and will continue play in several post season tournaments. 

ORSA Umbenhaur at Meadville Black - 06/01/14

posted Jun 3, 2014, 4:38 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

The ORSA U10 Umbenhaur team beat the previously undefeated U10 Meadville Black team 4-2 Sunday in Meadville. The game was a tough, hard nosed battle all of the way, however the ORSA team was able to push through by way of playing as a team in all phases of the game.

Gage Hanniwalt continued to his goal scoring streak early in the match by breaking free of the Meadville defense and placing a strong kick in the back of the net. Hanniwalt scored again in the first half after receiving the ball from the ORSA defense, and carried the ball to the goal. With ORSA having a 2-0 lead in the second half, Meadville broke through the solid ORSA defense and scored their first goal of the match, making the score 2-1. ORSA answered right back when Ethan Umbenhaur placed a beautiful through ball to Hanniwalt who drilled it into the goal to put the ORSA Force up 3-1. Later in the match, Meadville again was on the attack when they placed a shot past the outstretched arms of Force keeper Drew Wilkinson. However, the game was quickly put out of reach when Hanniwalt crossed a ball to Umbenhaur who raced by the Meadville defender and put the ball in the net to give ORSA a 4-2 lead, and ultimately the win.

ORSA's defenders and keeper played phenomenally in the win, as they continuously shut down the potent Meadville offensive efforts. Josh Hacherl played a great game, and served as the defensive anchor as he turned away all of Meadville's skilled offensive players. Hailey Yard also played great in the defensive half, as she used her speed to beat the offensive players to the ball and send it up field. Wilkinson was fantastic in goal, as he controlled the game, and he continued to frustrate the Meadville attack with save after save. Ben Yard and Kenadee Schiffer provided support in the middle of the field, as they worked to keep the Meadville team in check. Kaden Henderson, Owen Smith, and Brady Umbenhaur all contributed key offensive and defensive plays in the win by their continued pursuit of the ball.

Overall, the team played well together, and through their teamwork they were able to take down a very skilled team. Their dedication and trust in each other provided the team with a boost that was needed to beat the undefeated Meadville Black team.

ORSA Umbenhaur vs ORSA Kerr - 05/18/14

posted Jun 3, 2014, 4:36 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

The match between the U10 ORSA Umbenhaur team and the U10 ORSA Kerr team was a tightly contested battle from the moment the ball was sent into play. Kerr's team scored two quick goals in the first half as Nathan Pfenningwerth carried the ball the length of the field and cut inside two defenders to score both goals. However, Umebenhaur's team fought back into it after getting two goals by Hailey Yard off of nice assists from Ethan Umbenhaur and Gage Haniwalt. The game was tied until a hand ball in the 18 yard box by an Umbenhaur defenseman, which awarded a penalty kick to Kerr's team. Nathan Pfenningwerth placed the kick in the upper left quarter with 5 minutes left in the game. Umbenhaur's team fought hard until the end, with several chances to score. The game ended in a 3-2 win for Kerr's team. Both teams should be commended for their exceptional soccer prowess, as both teams played a skilled game.

ORSA Umbernhaur at Kinzua Seylor - 05/04/14

posted May 7, 2014, 2:47 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

The ORSA U10 Umbenhaur team lost a hard fought battle with the Kinzua Seylor team on Sunday 3-2.  The game was an even matchup between two talented teams, with Kinzua breaking free in final minutes of the match to score the winning goal. 

In the match, Josh Hacheral started the scoring off with a corner kick skillfully placed past the keeper.  However, the lead was quickly equalized when a Kinzua player was able to get past the ORSA defenders and was able to place the ball in the back of the net.  Seconds later, Ethan Umbenhaur placed a nice through ball to Gage Haniwalt, however the Kinzua players swarmed in and nicely defended the shot.  Later, Hailey Yard made a few nice moves to get inside the 18 yard box, but her shot fell wide of the goal after another nice defensive adjustment by Kinzua players.  The game entered the half tied 1-1.  In the second half, the Kinzua players scored quickly to put the game at 2-1.  Hacheral was asked to move from his defending duties up to the forward position, which paid off as he again placed a shot from outside the 18 into the back of the net.  This goal tied the game at 2-2.  The remaining portion of the second half saw the ORSA defenders and goal keeper turn away the charging Kinzua players, with several nice saves by Owen Smith keeping the game tied.  Umbenhaur and Haniwalt each had shots go just wide of the mark, but the Force were putting the pressure on the defense.  However, with 5 minutes remaining in the match, Kinzua was able to break loose from the ORSA defenders and score the winning goal just past the outstretched arms of Smith.

Overall it was a great game, as both sides played well enough to win.  The ORSA keepers played admirably, as both Drew Wilkinson and Smith made tremendous save after tremendous save.  The ORSA defense also played well as Ben Yard, Kenadee Schiffer, Wilkinson, Hailey Yard, Hacheral, and Kaden Henderson all pursued the Kinzua players with tenacious pursuit.  On offense, the ORSA players kept attacking all game long, with Hacheral, Haniwalt, Ethan Umbenhaur, Brady Umbenhaur, and Hailey Yard registering shots on goal.  The offense still continues to spread the field and make skillful passes, however this game didn’t see the Force offense capitalize outside of Hacheral’s two tallies.  The team learned a lot from this tough defeat, and will look to get back on the winning side this Saturday. 

ORSA Umbenhaur vs Meadville Red 4/27/14

posted Apr 28, 2014, 10:17 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth   [ updated Apr 28, 2014, 10:18 PM ]

The U10 Umbenhaur Force Team extended their winning streak this week by beating the Meadville Red team 7-1 at the Cranb.   The team played a solid game, with all of the players contributing in the win.  Josh Hacherl, who played a stellar game at defense, started off the scoring for the Force by blasting in a shot from outside the 18 yard box, just past the keeper’s hands.  The other goal of the first half was scored on a nifty move and shot by Gage Haniwalt.  With the home team leading 2-0 at the half, the coaching staff instructed the players not to let up in their effort.  The team responded to the coaches’ request and tallied five more goals in the second half.  Gage Haniwalt continued his torrid scoring pace, by putting 3 second half goals in the back of the net, with quality assists coming off of passes from   Brady Umbenhaur and Kenadee Schiffer.   Also scoring on the day was Hailey Yard, who booted a ball past the keeper, after a skilled assist on a through ball from Ethan Umbenhar.  Finishing out the scoring for the Force was Ben Yard, as he delivered a great shot over the outstretched arms of the keeper. 

Overall, the U10 Umbenhaur Force Team played very well in the match, with all of the players providing quality play.  The defensive effort was top notch, as Josh Hacheral, Ben Yard, Hailey Yard, Drew Wilkinson, Owen Smith, and Kenadee Schiffer all were able to turn away all of the Meadville Red’s offensive challenges.  The offensive players for the Force continued to keep the ball in their opponent’s end of the field by spreading the ball out by maintaining their spacing, and playing unselfish, pass first soccer.  Gage Haniwalt was tremendous in his efforts, and he was aided by the strong play of Ethan Umbenhaur, Brady Umbenhaur, and Kaden Henderson.  Finally, our keepers didn’t get much work on the day, as most of the oncoming offensive players were turned away by the defense.  However, when they were tested, they responded very well.  Owen Smith played a fantastic game in goal, and was key to stopping several shots.   Drew Wilkinson and Kaden Henderson combined to close out the game in the second half by continuing to dominate the Meadville Red’s offensive efforts. 

The U10 Umbenhaur Force Team is back in action next Sunday (May 4th) at Kinzua, and they are looking forward to continuing their skilled play, and improving in their soccer abilities. 

ORSA Umbenhaur vs Kinzua Harrison 4/13/14

posted Apr 14, 2014, 7:54 AM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

The ORSA Force U10 UMB team played a great team game on Sunday, as they beat the home standing Kinzua- Harrison team 8-1.  The Force jumped out to an early 2 goal lead on goals by Gage Haniwalt and Josh Hacherl, before Kinzua-Harrison put one in the back of the net to make the score 2-1.  However, the Force never looked back as they controlled the game from this point forward.  Great goals by Ethan Umbenhaur and Ben Yard completed the scoring for the half with the Force up 4 goals to 1.  The second half brought about more scoring for the visitors, as Haniwalt scored 3 more times, with one goal coming from a nifty assist from Brady Umbenhaur, and Owen Smith hammering one in from the left wing. 

The ORSA team controlled much of the game with their strong offensive and defensive play.  Hailey Yard played well in the midfield, as did Kaden Henderson who helped turn back several of the goal seeking Kinzua- Harrison players.  Owen Smith and Hailey Yard handled the goal keeping duties on the day, and performed admirably. 

Overall, the Force players worked well together, and continued to build upon their soccer abilities throughout the game.  The coaches and players are eager to get back to action on April 27, when they take on the visiting Meadville U10 (Red Team) . 

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