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ORSA Kerr vs Kinzua Harrison - 05/10/14

posted May 15, 2014, 6:58 PM by Thomas Pfennigwerth

ORSA Kerr won against Kinzua – Harrison 6-1 at home on Saturday May 10th.  There was little doubt about the outcome of the game after the first half.  Nathan Pfennigwerth scored 4 first half breakaway goals to put the ORSA Kerr team up 4-0 at the half.  Strong defense provided by his sister, Emma Pfennigwerth and Tristen Bliss allowed for the team to keep the ball primarily in the offensive end and kept the jersey of goal minder Johanathan Leccia relatively clean.  That combined defensive front with the substitution of Eric Reynolds to give the starters a breath created a wall that Kinzua struggled to penetrate and created opportunities to the strikers in front of them.  Quick to the ball, Lauren Billingsley tried several times to put the ball on net, but she wasn’t able to complete the task and find the back of the goal.  One shot seemed to be so hard that briefly it was thought the goal post might be bent, but alas, it was found to be intact and unscathed.  Her piggy bank will be safe as she won’t have to pay to replace it this week.  Carson Kerr continued to push forward trying to add to his season goal total but the whistle blew signaling the end of the half before he was successful. 

The second half started off the same way that the first half ended with ORSA providing stout defense and several offensive scoring opportunities.  The Kinzua offense, assisted by aggressive play that had 2 of their players knocking an ORSA defenseman to the ground without penalty, were able to scoot a ball past the diving attempt of Koben Parry.  Other than this score, Parry was stellar in net to continue the heads up play of the ORSA goalkeepers.  Carson Kerr was able to pick up a loose ball on the midfield line and with a sharp move to the left, break free of the defender, carrying the ball forward past the eighteen yard box.  The goalie attacked aggressively, but Kerr was able to maintain control of the ball and poke it past the outstretched arms of the goalkeeper to roll over the goal-line for the fifth ORSA score of the game.  Later in the second half, N. Pfennigwerth broke free for an offensive push that found the Kinzua defense drawn towards him.  Looking for a passing opportunity, Pfennigwerth was targeted by the Kinzua defense in an attempt to knock him off the ball.  Angered by their aggressive play, he pushed past them and smoked the ball past the goalie for his 5th score of the game.  Additional aggressive play by Bliss on offense fell just short of him finding the promised land for the 4th week in a row.  Once he gets the monkey off his back, Tristen should continue to help create scoring opportunities from his defensive position or coming from the midfield.  Additional 2nd half offensive presses were provided by Leccia coming out of goal to try his hand at scoring for the team.  Alex Reynolds had several smart plays that found him in position to help the team, but was unable to push the ball forward for that scoring opportunity that he sought.  The strong play of the starting furious five field players and Leccia like a wall in goal continues to stymie the opposing teams and the advancing play of the reserves has the hopes of this ORSA – Kerr team high entering a double header against the Umbenhaur and Ritchey led ORSA Force teams on Sunday.